Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Night Photo Dump

(aka further proof of my attachment to my cell phone, and my Instagram fixation...) 

This was fairly straightforward to make, I copied my Instagram photos (using Statigram), shrunk them down to 33% their actual size in MS Paint -- I'm at the office and don't have any fancy photo editing software here, haha -- and then pasted them into a grid. If you want to follow my Instagram feed, my username is @andraealynne. How imaginative, right?

The idea for this photo dump was inspired by Kelle Hampton at Enjoying the Small Things, who does her own photo dump every Friday night. Admittedly, her feed is a lot more interesting than mine, because her life is full of a lot more fun than mine seems to be these days. 

So yes. Some of my Instagram feed from this past week! For the most part, this is in chronological order as well. I had to shrink the image down so it wouldn't stretch the page weirdly, so click on it if you want to see it in larger form.

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