I look this awesome maybe two days out of the year. Maybe.
Oh hi. I'm Andraea. My guess is that if you've somehow found my blog, you know me in "real life" in one way or another.

"Real Life" has quotation marks because the bulk of my existence is on the internet... in actual physical reality I feel like I'm a pretty boring person-- go to work, come home, cuddle with my cat, read, sleep. Rinse and repeat.

I've started blogging again because I have officially decided that I'm not happy with myself anymore. Don't like my body, feel like I spend too much time doing far too little... it's time I give my life a bit of a re-vamp.

This blog is all about the process.

Aaaand maybe some therapeutic rambling, too. I'm really good at that.

A Bit About Me:
- I'm five feet tall (and half an inch, but that doesn't count for much)
- I'm a die-hard book lover. Fantasy and sci-fi are my go-to genres.
- I'm turning 22 next month but still haven't decided what I want to do (if anything) to celebrate my birthday. Really, I just want to have a nice long nap. That would make me happy.
who can resist this derpy little face?
- I've been with my partner, Rory, for nearly three years. He's incredible. (I could get a heck of a lot more mushy about this buuut this is neither the time nor the place.)
- I like my cat, Shiva, more than I like the vast majority of people. But she's pretty freaking cute. And a lot of human beings really suck.
- I'm prone to ranting about just how much human beings as a whole are awful, I apologize in advance.
- I'm returning to post-secondary at the end of August, pursuing my RDT/CDT (registered / certified dental technologist) designation so I can continue to work in my dad's denture clinic and make a career out of it. I'm looking forward to developing my new skills (and hopefully not setting fire to any more lab equipment...)

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