Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This weekend, food-and-exercise-wise, was... well, "not great" is an understatement but "horrible" is blowing it out of proportion. Somewhere in between. I have a lot harder time staying focused on weekends, it would seem... and I'm really prone to boredom eating.

I think my main problem right now is sodium. I crave it constantly... which is an uncomfortable feeling to say the least, especially since most of my go-to sodium snacks (Premium Plus saltine crackers, anyone?) are simple-carb heavy and just altogether nutritionally... yeah. Not good at all, especially since I can polish off an entire sleeve of saltines in one day, easily.

Fighting the sodium addiction is not as easy as
I'd like it to be.
(image from here.)
Remedying that, however, isn't as easy as I wish it were. I'm trying to fill that "omg need salt nowww" void with fresh veggies and fruit-- it's almost nectarine season! yay!-- but it isn't working quite the way I was hoping it would. I need more substance, as it were.

I took the time yesterday to cook up a big batch of quinoa, hopefully enough to last me the week, plus some kale stir-fry (kale, red and yellow peppers, a white onion, garlic and a half cup of hemp seeds). Nutritionally speaking, it's great, and actually really filling. It tastes quite good, too, despite what my dad thinks.

All things considered, I should be set for the week lunch-wise. Rory's still at home so I've asked him to go to the grocery store today and pick up some produce for me-- fruit, veggies, spaghetti squash-- so that I can do some cooking + prep work while I still have the motivation to (ha). If the food is in my fridge, I'll eat it.

I noticed yesterday that I haven't been feeling quite as bloated and gross as I had been during the week, too. Hopefully that's a sign that either a) I have good targets as far as calorie + nutrient intake go, and/or b) I've lost a bit of weight already. Here's to it being both of the above.

I'm so glad that it's nearly summer. It's drizzly and grey today, but it was so nice over the weekend and I'm in a far better mood than I usually am on Monday/Tuesday mornings.

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