Monday, May 14, 2012

one weekend down...

... and the rest of a "lifetime of better habits and choices" to go! Ha.

I'm already feeling overwhelmed (and number-crazy. Yikes.) but I think I have a good start... somewhat. I haven't taken the time to cook up a massive batch of my favourite quinoa-peppers-and-kale concoction yet but that will likely happen either tonight or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow, since I'm fairly certain it will be my first evening alone in months-- Rory should be heading back to work tomorrow.

He's been home for two months straight (spring break-up). As much as I adore the man, I can't wait to get back to my normal routine... I make far better choices as far as food and exercise go when he's not home. I'm a lot less likely to indulge in my lazy tendencies when he's not waiting for me to cuddle up with him and watch Futurama or some-such.

So on Friday evening I went to the ballet with my grandmother at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium-- a production of Love Lies Bleeding, which is a collaborative production between Alberta Ballet and... Elton John! Not the first time I've seen it, but it was every bit as good as I remembered (the first time having been May 2010, when the production had its' debut). It's been reworked since I first saw it (according to the Globe and Mail review of the Toronto run in November 2011), with some time and choreography changes... but the message is still powerful (with strong emphasis on John's own experiences, homoerotic imagery, drug use/abuse, bullying, but overall... empowerment!) and from what I saw the audience left the Jube feeling triumphant.

The Edmonton Journal's preview/review of the production, found here, also includes a video.

And in the interest of attempting to be more physically active, I decided to walk from my apartment to the Jubilee Auditorium (don't you love how sidetracked I got there? I'm *fantastic* at that...). It was about a 3.5 kilometer walk, and I did it in just over 45 minutes-- including a stop at Remedy Cafe for a chai tea milkshake (oops). It felt good! My calves aren't super happy with me for it, but overall... a decent start.

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